totongwe Lodge
P.O. Box 312, Outjo, Namibia
Tel: +264 (0) 67 313333
Fax2eMail: 0886 19441


The use of any of our activities, accommodation and camping facilities are subject to the guest accepting all terms, conditions and disclaimer below.
" We have 46 rooms (92 beds, sleep 96). Single, Twin/Double and Family room requirements together should not exceed this. We can book alternative beds at guesthouses, hotels and lodges within 5km should the need arises.
" Our campsite can host up to 42 people.

" All reservations are subject to availability and will be processed on a first come first option basis.
" 50% non-refundable deposit will secure the reservations.
" Etotongwe Lodge reserves the right to allocate rooms to the first party that pays the non-refundable deposit and submit proof of payment.
" You will be expected to present proof of your reservation and payment should a query arises.
" If it occur that Etotngwe Lodge cannot accommodate you for a confirmed booking, we will accommodate you at our cost in a venue of similar standard and price for the first night of your boobing ONLY.

Block Bookings (Groups Only)
" We accept block bookings
" We require confirmation of tours 60 days prior to the date for which accommodation was requested (blocked).
" Non-confirmed tours can be cancelled by the establishment without any correspondence during this period (from 60 days).
" We accept final room numbers up to 30 days, after which cancellation fees will apply.
" If a non-confirmed block booking is challenged by another booking more than sixty days from the tour date, the block booking will only be honored if a roominglist or 50% deposit is received within 48 hours from the establishment's request.
" We will waitlist and inform you if availability occur, should you not be the first to book.
" Due to high volumes of block bookings and our policy (that we strictly apply), we suggest you consider block bookings at alternative venues closeby as well, should you be waitlisted or be unsure about confirmation of your tours.

Cancellation (Also apply to Block Bookings)
" 50% - Of value of accommodation if less than 30 days prior to arrival.
" 75% - Of value of accommodation if less than 15 days prior to arrival.
" 100% - Of value of accommodation if less than 7 days prior to arrival.

" Rates applicable when sharing the room with a parent (s).
" Children that occupy a room(s) without parent(s) will be charged the adult rate.
" A single adult sharing with a child will charged at the Single Rate (Sharing Rates only applies to adults sharing)

Guides and Drivers (Crew) APPLICABLE TO REGISTERED TOUR COMPANIES ONLY (Please confirm that your guides are informed)
" We accommodate a maximum of 2 Crew (Driver & Guide) free of charge if groups exceed 6 PAX.
" Free accommodation includes the meal option applicable to the majority of the group.
" Rates for additional crew or smaller groups is on B&B basis, irrespective of the groups meal option.

Arrivals & Departures (Please confirm that your guides are informed)
" Check in from 14h00 - 19h00.
" Check out 7h00 - 10h00 on the day of departure.
" Please arrange if you plan to arrive or depart outside these hours.

" We accept EFT, Cash and Card payments in Namibian Dollars only.
" Full pre-payment is required 30 days prior to guest's arrival, except when terms were negotiated.
" Visa & Master Cards are accepted on rack rates only, NOT on STO rates.
" Please send proof of payment to the reservations office and quote the invoice number.

Restaurant & Hours (Please confirm that your guides are informed)
" Breakfast is served from 7h00 - 9h00. Please request at least 16 hours in advance if you plan to have breakfast outside these hours or if you require breakfast / lunch packs.
" The Restaurant is open for Lunch between 12h30 and 15h00.
" Dinner is available between 17h30 and 21h00.
" We do not serve from the A la Carte menu when we serve Buffet Dinner. We always serve Buffet once combined tours numbers exceed 10 Pax.
" We offer lunch to your groups passing through and will gladly setup your preferred menu for an arranged fast stop as well.

General (Please confirm that your guides are informed)
" We will gladly take the groups luggage to and from their rooms within our normal booking in and out times. Please arrange if required outside of these hours.
" Tips for porter service are customary.
" We do not have a wakeup call service. Please request well in advance, if required.
" Fridges, hairdryers and Coffee/Tea trays are available at a nominal fee, if requested at reception.
" We invite the local Youth Choir to perform for groups. If this is marketed by you, please arrange with your final roominglist. Even though this is not a charged service, it is customary and expected to tip the choir.

Open Vehicle Game Drives in Etosha National Park
" We offer Open Vehicle Game drives in the Etosha National Park.
" We have capacity of 48 people in 6 vehicles with the option of contracting more vehicles if required.
" Book at least 16 hours in advance.
" Booking terms is as per Room reservations.
" All drives commence and end at Andersongate of the Etosha National Park.
" Rates includes water. Entrance fees and meals are not included.
" Half Day: Mornings from Sunrise (gate opening ), till 12h30 or Afternoon from 13h00 till gate closure.
" Full Day: From Sunrise (gate opening) till gate closure.

Please note that STO rates are applicable to companies registered with the Namibian Tourism Board (NTB) only.
If to be used by any company/entity without a valid NTB Registration, explicit written consent will be required from Etotongwe Lodge.

Disclaimer and Indemnity:
I understand that any tour, game drive, farm visit or any other activity available from Etotongwe Lodge whether or not such activities are conducted on land owned by Etotongwe Lodge, or may take me to isolated regions and into close proximity with wild, unpredictable and dangerous animals, reptiles, birds and insects and the real risk of bodily harm, injury, death and / or damage to property which may arise as a result of an encounter with the aforementioned creatures.

I agree that I am entering Etotongwe Lodge and areas contracted to visit at my own risk and on my own volition and I confirm that I am aware of all the risks associated with activities offered by Etotongwe Lodge or resulting from a stay at Etotongwe Lodge.

I hereby release Etotongwe Lodge, its employees, its management, directors, agents, affiliates, officers, contractors and any owners or operators of Etotongwe Lodge from any liability for all claims and actions that may accrue from my participation on this visit.
I agree that Etotongwe Lodge, its employees, its management, directors, agents, affiliates, offices, contractors and any owners or operators shall not be liable for any death, injury, delay, loss or damage howsoever arising from, without limitation, my accommodation, game drives, nature walks, swimming in the pool or from any other service provided to me or activity in which I participate or form any act or omission of any person (or their subcontractors, agents or employees whether acting within the scope of their contractual obligations, agency or employments or not) who shall provide any such service or from any attack or injury by any animal or person whether or not such death, injury, delay, loss or damage occurs on land owned by Etotongwe Lodge or other areas contracted to visit.

This waiver is entered into on my behalf and on behalf of any minors accompanying me, and is binding on my assigns, heirs and legal representatives. I understand that by signing this waiver and release I will not have any right to recover from Etotongwe Lodge, any loss.

This waiver shall be governed by Namibian Law. I fully understand and accept the terms of conditions hereof and certify that the contents hereof has been communicated to any beneficiaries I may have.
I hereby warrant that I am a major and do not require my guardians signature.